Individuals who have worked tirelessly to better themselves using the strategies, tools, and skills they have learned and implementing them into their everyday life, both on and off the court, often demonstrate remarkable dedication and resilience. Whether it’s in sports or any other aspect of life, such commitment and application of knowledge can lead to significant personal growth and achievement.



“We signed Bronwyn up for Grayhounds so she could get training in volleyball skills. She got that and so much more!  She learned focus, discipline and the value of hard work in a positive, fun and encouraging environment. She has learned to become both a leader and a teammate. Ray and his team have done a great job coaching her up for the challenges that life will bring. Honestly, there’s so much more but I’m struggling to find all the right words before my coffee.  Thanks for everything. Your influence has been amazing. She’s always had a voice, you’ve taught her how to channel it and use it for the right impact. Thank you!”  (Carrie Seeber- Mom)

Bronwyn aka “B” is easily one of our most shocking trainee’s to date.  She came to us wanting to play volleyball recreationally at best and has taken to the sport so intensely, that it’s hard to find an athlete that will out work her.  She is SUPER competitive, challenging (both to herself and pushes her coaches) and somewhat of a perfectionist.

Gavyn Jones (S/R) is a seventh grader at charlotte Country Day School. During her time with the Grayhounds, she has grown in her knowledge of volleyball, identified her best position, and gained an immense amount of confidence not only in her play, but also in herself.  The player she is becoming capitalizes on all opportunites to get better, become a leader on and off the court, better communicator, discipline, and a good teamate. She personally attributes most of her growth over Grayhounds Coaches, other players, and Coach Ray. As a parent, it is great to know she’s in good hands with the whole Grayhounds team!

Gavyn came to us a shy, quiet, reserved young lady not certain what position to play or direction to go, but she was athletic and that, you can’t teach!  Gavyn was initially reluctant to accept she was good enough to be Setter on the higher level and now is one of Grayhounds ‘standout’ players (Rightside and Setter).

“Coach Ray has helped me by forming a more positive behavior towards anything, even missed points. He has helped my serves not go out and has made them more consistent and stronger. He helped me get out of the habit of crossing my body when I serve also. He has helped me on my ball control when passing and setting so I get it to setter almost every time. My hits were trash and Coach Ray helped me get the correct approach and get my hits down and across the net. He has helped my confidence and self discipline to point out my mistakes and fix them!”

“I have seen a BIG difference in Trista since she’s been working with Coach Ray. He has given her confidence in herself, increased her skills and makes her think about what she is doing wrong and correct it. I have seen 110% difference in her whole demeanor. He called and checked on her daily and he and his daughter has been her biggest cheerleader. Thanks and I will continue to bring her to Coach Ray, He has helped my daughter in so many ways!” (Mom)

Trista is relentless, fearless and not afraid to ask for what she wants. To possess those qualities at such a young age is impressive. Trista has truly come a long way from when she first came for training and her level of understanding of the game is well beyond her years. She is always positive and keeps a smile on her face, quick to support and encourage others even when she may not be at her best. Trista’s selflessness and passion for the game and others could not go unnoticed.

“In Just 2 short years, Coach Ray has transformed me from a beginner player to making a travel team at CUVC. Not only have I improved physically; specifically in speed and agility, but mentally as well. Grayhounds has helped me to be more confident and I’m more passionate that ever about volleyball. Everyone needs a Coach Ray in their lives!!”

We are so fortunate to have met Kalia, another who we dubbed, ‘a quiet storm’! Shy, reserved, unassuming but deadly is this young lady when she gets in her rhythm and gets a good Set. Kalia wants it more than the average girl, and is willing to put in the work to get it. She is a fast learner and her body is growing so fast, she has not yet fully figured out how good she really can be. One thing is for sure, she’s not afraid of working for that spot on the highest travel team she can make. “Go Kalia Go!” Congrats Kalia, for meting April’s Honorable Mention!


Working with Coach Ray has motivated me in every way possible with volleyball and becoming a better player. I started off with not being able to serve but Coach kept pushing me to the limit and now I am proud to say I can serve with much better control. You always know you are going to get it when you come to Coach Ray and he will push you to your limits. He has drilled the 3 C’s in me when playing and every time I walk on to the court. I always think of them, especially my communication. He made me a better communicator and has built my confidence. I am proud to be a part of the Grayhounds and I look forward to what it can do for me in the future. I have to mention his shoe game is pretty on point to, and I look forward to what shoes he will have on when I come to train.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! Just look at the form of this amazing, stunning young athlete that has only been playing for about 2 years. Raelyn (who Coach calls “Rae Rae”) is super eager for training and information and wants it more than many of my older more seasoned players. She works out, play’s or trains 7 days between Grayhounds and CJV (Carolina Juniors Volleyball, her volleyball Club). In addition to that, she is a student of the game and is always asking how to improve and watches film of herself and/or others to improve. Her Mindset is “Different”! Rae Rae is a player to watch and the Grayhounds are honored to be the trainers chosen. Please help me congratulate Raelyn Tatum for her tremendous growth both mentally and physically!

Gavyn Jones (S/R) is a seventh grader at charlotte Country Day School. During her time with the Grayhounds, she has grown in her knowledge of volleyball, identified her best position, and gained an immense amount of confidence not only in her play, but also in herself.  The player she is becoming cap”Whatever your mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, it can ACHIEVE.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Coach Ray is one of a kind. He has helped me with my mental game. He taught me that how you are as a player comes more from your mental state and not letting others get into your head. The power is believing in yourself and knowing that you can achieve anything if you work hard for it. He has also helped me understand why and when I should do certain things on the court – including the importance of the types of movements and calling plays before they happen. Within a month, I have transitioned from being a hitter to a utility player. I am enjoying the journey of being a Libero/DS. You learn a lesson with him everyday and I really appreciate him. Thank you Coach Ray!

At 5’5 (on a good day lol), Faith is such a dynamic jumper that she plays like she’s 6’0. She’s been hitting all her life and confessed she was a bit disappointed when I told her she would be transitioning to passing, but she accepted the challenge and has been training hard ever since. She later shared that she wished a Coach would have convinced her to Pass more earlier, as she knew her chances of playing as a Hitter in college were slim to none. If you know Faith, you know she ain’t scared of nothing and with the development of her Mental State as of late, players watch out! Faith is a well rounded, eager to learn and hard working athlete, who is limited only by herself. I am proud to be her Coach and Mentor and don’t be surprised if she’s nominated next Months, ‘Player of the Month’!
italizes on all opportunites to get better, become a leader on and off the court, better communicator, discipline, and a good teamate. She personally attributes most of her growth over Grayhounds Coaches, other players, and Coach Ray. As a parent, it is great to know she’s in good hands with the whole Grayhounds team!

Gavyn came to us a shy, quiet, reserved young lady not certain what position to play or direction to go, but she was athletic and that, you can’t teach!  Gavyn was initially reluctant to accept she was good enough to be Setter on the higher level and now is one of Grayhounds ‘standout’ players (Rightside and Setter).

Hi! My name is Najae and I have been training with Coach Ray and his Greyhounds for little over a year now. He was the very first training group/club I’ve ever joined and has literally taught me everything I know about volleyball! That is every little thing from communicating, to even bigger things like my actual performance. He is very big on the three C’s. Communicating, Confidence, and Consistency which all got me to where I am now. So a hugeeeee thanks to him and his colleagues that give their all into helping others, big and small, follow their dreams!

Hi! My name is Adriana, I have been playing volleyball for 2 years and training with Coach Ray and Greyhounds for almost a year and a half. Grayhounds have inspired and strengthened me to get where I am today. Coach Ray has pushed me to succeed in what I do in my position and multiple others. Helping me become confident and focused on the sport of Volleyball while also helping my mental health. Helping me perfect my agility and performance to be a better person and player, on and off the court. Finally,  I want to give a big thank you to  Coach Ray and the Grayhound staff for what they have done for me and for many others. I hope everyone that participates in Grayhounds finds as much joy in it as I have!


I’ve been training with Coach Ray and the GRAYHOUNDS for a little under a year now and since our first training session, Coach Ray has shown and proved how REALLY special his trainings truly are. I actually started playing volleyball only one months before finding and connecting with Coach Ray and the GRAYHOUNDS group and my mindset change alone is something that stands out to me. Coach Ray’s training has changed the way I think of myself as a Volleyball player and as an athlete. He has taken me from someone who lacked confidence and knew little to nothing about the sport to becoming real player who not only has confidence in her game but also has aspirations to playing volleyball on the highest of levels. Coach Ray is continuing to teach me the importance of both the mental and physical aspects of becoming a great player, from learning the importance of keeping up with my personal goals & team goals, to teaching me how to work hard to improve my game in every aspect. Overall I am extremely happy that I can say that I am a member of the Greyhounds training and I’m beyond thankful for Coach Ray, Coach Amanda & Coach Kent for all that they instill in me and I will continue to push myself as I am sure that these feelings are shared amongst all the other Grayhound girls that I train with.


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Isaiah 40:31- “But those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not become weary, they walk and not faint”

“Coach Ray and The Grayhounds has helped me become more intentional with my game and they taught me to always compete hard no matter who I play against!”

It’s hard to find words to describe Chelsea.  She is quiet but yet talkative, humble but yet rowdy and confident with just the right amount of conceite.  But what’s not hard to describe, is her game!  She’s a beast!!!  Chelsea can bang with the best of them and has such a passion to win, that’s it’s no wonder she’s being looked at by some of the best schools in the Nation, but chose the one that best embodies who she is as a person!  Congrats Chelsea!  Can’t wait to see you in action at the next level!
All state
All conference 1st team
AVCA phenom
Coaches award

Congrats, Chelsea for committing to West Point Military Academy class of 2023

Philippians 4:13- “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”

“Coach Ray has helped me become a stronger athlete both mentally and physically!”

Erin is a tough one!  From injuries, to being overlooked on teams, to not getting playing as deserved, to now PENN STATE!  Take that haters!!!!  Erin is a great example of the saying, “hard work beats talent, when talent won’t work hard!”  I’ve seen Erin come from the bottom and is now at the top of her game and she can only go up from here!  We are so proud of this young lady
Outstanding Patriot in the 8th grade
AB Honor roll all of high school

Congrats, Erin for committing to Penn State Harrisburg!

Proverbs 3:5-6- “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your way acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths”

“Do what you have to do now so you can do what you want later”

“Coach Ray has been a powerful force in my Volleyball career. He has pushed me past my limits, and it’s been a struggle but I’ve always grown and improved. He has been encouraging throughout this time which helped me in several ways such as being more ambitious and fearless on the court, increasing my vertical, and becoming a faster and bigger force!”

Jireh “Jah” is a force to be reckoned with both on and off the court! So much so, that she is the first current College Player that the Grayhounds has awarded the prestigious Player of the Month award! Jah is so dedicated to her craft/skill, that on breaks, holidays and weekends she would drive to Charlotte from Winston Salem to train. She is not afraid of hard work and challenges and eager to learn, despite already having made the team and playing at such a high level. What’s even more impressive is her academic accomplishments and how humble she is on and off the court. The Grayhounds are proud of Jah and pleased to acknowledge her as March Player of the Month. Keep it up, future Doctor! Currently a Middle Blocker, also played Outside and Right side.

National Honors Society
Technical Honors society
SECU scholarship recipient
Foundations of the Carolinas recipient
Female Athlete of the Year
MVP award
HS Volleyball captain 3 years
Graduated with a 4.25 GPA
MIP in Volleyball and Track
Microbiology research at WSSU
Wake Forest Cancer Biology internship Phi Eta Sigma National Honors Society

Philippians 4:13- “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

“Coach Ray has helped me improve my volleyball skills and techniques in many ways that has benefited me over these last 3 years.”

Captain of High School volleyball team since Sophomore year
Made the Semi National Volleyball Team

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“The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed” – Bob Parson

“Coach Ray helped me grow as an athlete and showed me how far I could go with it. He always has the highest amount of confidence in me when I didn’t have it myself, and pushed me to be the greatest I could be. I will always be thankful for what Coach Ray has done for my growth and ability!”

Simply put, Noe is relentless! She does not quit, does not give up and loves a challenge. Coming from a family of 5 amazing women Volleyballers, I guess she had no choice! Don’t let the smile fool you! This Setter is capable of playing every single position, and does them all very well. She was not given any of the amazing accomplishments she was recognized for, she earned each and every one of them and deserves them all and then some. UNCW is blessed to have this “beast” of an athlete, and I don’t know how she found me, but I am so glad she did! Lol. Let your light continue to shine Noe, and whatever you do, always be YOU!!!

All State
All Country
All Region1700+
Assists in High School Career (West Rowan High)

Congrats Noe for committing to University of North Carolina Wilmington

Isaiah 43:2 – “When you pass through the water, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you”

“Working with Coach Ray has helped me improve my knowledge of the game and court awareness. He also has helped improve my athleticism with workouts and drills that are specifically for volleyball athletes. I can see a difference in my speed and overall agility. Coach Ray has a positive attitude and mindset that always pushes me to be the best player I can be. Be ready to put in the work with Coach Ray, but the results are so rewarding!!”

Look up the definition of humble, and you will see a picture of Kam! This young lady is a force both on and off the court, with accolades so extensive that there’s not enough room to list. She is faithful to her God, loyal to her family and dedicated to her academics. Volleyball is the cherry on top! Kim’s passion for life and helping others is second to none and I was equally blessed to have trained her and continue to be blessed by her and her family, in more ways than they even know! Look out A&T, here comes Kam! Go forth and be great!

2021-2022 North Meck High School Varsity Volleyball Team Captain
North Meck High School Varsity Volleyball Most Valuable Player
2020-2021 Meck All Conference Team
2021-2022 QCAC All Conference Team
A & T Honors Program Elizabeth Dowdy Scholar

Congrats Kam for committing to North Carolina A & T

“prACTice like a champion”

“Coach Ray has helped train me and has always been a supportive role model. He has helped me with recruiting as well!”

Don’t let size fool you! Caroline is one of the quickest and fearless Libero/DS girls we’ve ever trained. While some look at the hitter and pray they don’t come her way, Caroline dares and welcomes the challenge, always striving to be better. Caroline could have shared a lot more about herself and accolades but prefers to let her game speak for her. She has offers and looks from a number of schools and rather than hoping which school will chose her, we are in conversation about what school she will choose! Help me congratulate Caroline Barber as Grayhounds July player of The Month. Stay tuned for the big reveal of where she decided to go!

Kings Mountain High School

“Embrace the Grind”

Academic honor roll
Qualified for beach nationals
Won 4 tournaments
Played 18’s as a 16 year old
Led my team in serving and serve receive
Cannon school varsity
My club coach calling me her workhorse

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“The best things in life, are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way”

This is my 7th year playing volleyball, on both school and club teams. Prior to that I played softball. I have had more than a dozen coaches over the years, all with different styles and personalities but even the best of them never came close to Coach Ray. It’s not just what he coaches, it’s how he coaches that make a BIG difference. How he engages with the players, how he challenges in a forceful yet gentle way. We could all feel how he just cared about all of us. Nothing is deserved, all must be earned, as it should be. In my last high school season, we had a coach that mentally drained the whole team, constantly creating division amongst all the players and degrading all of us. Volleyball was not fun anymore. Coach Ray entered my life at the right time and just like that, after a few weeks of volleyball and mental training with him, I was back on my feet, better equipped than ever to face not just competitive volleyball but life as a whole. He had me train with college athletes, clearly more experienced players than I was, and although it was intimidating, I enjoyed every second of it because I had my confidence back. What a great feeling! Being able to have the mental strength has helped me be more focused on the game, let go of the mistakes and missed points, and focus on the next point. A “thank you” does not express how grateful I am to have crossed paths with Coach Ray, there are no words powerful enough to express my gratitude for the time he spent with me, for his encouragement and his trust.

Being one who speaks before thousands and has been doing this for more years than I can count, it is rare I am speechless, but this brought me close. As a Teacher/Counselor/Trainer/Coach, I don’t really hear the impact I leave on the kids we serve. Jadyn aka “Duke” from the time I met her had a sleeping giant within that was just waiting to be released, but never felt safe or comfortable enough to release it. She was an emotional player who was misunderstood because she channeled her emotions in the wrong direction and wasn’t taught how to safely release feelings. Within a few weeks, not only did she learn the “How’s” but also the “Why’s” behind the game of Volleyball but more importantly she learned the “Why” she feels and acts how she does. It was then that the transformation took place, and Jadyn earned the nickname, “Duke” and she’s been killing it ever since. It is with great pleasure that The Grayhounds select Jadyn “Duke” Florin as September Grayhound Player of the Month. Continue to soar and do big things Duke, we are proud of you and your growth!

At 15 was offered to play with the 17 CJV national team
Been on the high school varsity team as a starting player since sophomore
Was elected captain of the 2022 CJV 16 semi nationals team
Won 3 tournaments in the past 2 seasons
Defined by coach as a “utility hitter and blocker”

Cuthbertson High School

“Love me or hate me, both are in my favor. For if you love me I will always be in your heart; if you hate me I will always be in your mind.” -Edgar Allan Poe

Coach Ray has helped me learn how to approach the net explosively instead of relying on just the speed of my arm swing to hit with power. He has also helped me develop a positive growth mindset and to be confident on and off the court.

National Honor Society
A honor roll
All conference
Middle blocker
Varsity captain

Congrats on your decision to play for Bowie State University

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you, declares the lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.

Coach Ray instilled in me the fundamental skills and mechanics of volleyball at a young age. He taught me the proper techniques, work ethic, and determination needed to be successful. With tough love, he always pushed me to be my best self and for that, I am forever grateful to him.

4.6 GPA
Founder/President of Science National Honor Society
AP scholar with distinction
Junior Marshall (Top 15 students in junior class)
Senior Ambassador: Young Black Leadership Alliance (YBLA)
Student Member: American Dental Association
Conference POY
Heisman High School Award Winner
NC #2 Stat Leader in Total Digs
4x Varsity player
2x captain
3x All conference.

I hope to attend either Howard, UPenn or Chapel Hill

“ Don’t aspire to be the best on the team, aspire to be the best for the team”

Coach Ray has helped me get to where I am today. I have been working with coach ray since I was in 6th grade and he has always believed in me even when other coaches didn’t.

My biggest accomplishment is being able to play college ball. I will be playing for Lycoming College and will be playing all around and starting as an outside hitter. Other accomplishments would have to be just always pushing myself to be a better player on and off the court.

December's Athlete of the Month

Change happens daily, not in a day!!!

Coach Ray has helped to to push me to be my very best. He has always expected more out of me than I have myself and encourages me to give every workout my all.

National Honors Society
Leadership team of Future Christian Athletes at West Rowan High School
Varsity Volleyball team winning conference championship 3 years in a row and making it to the 4th round of playoffs

I currently hope to attend The University of Wilmington and hope to play beach volleyball there as well.