Owner/CEO of ‘The Grayhound Group’

Ray is the Owner/CEO of the ‘Grayhound Group’ LLC., host of “Tiny Chair Talks” (, Drug and Substance Abuse Instructor (Peer Mediation/Clean Teens), Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Professional (trained in: Conflict Resolution, Trauma, Positive Parenting, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy… to name a few), Mental Health Coach, Assistant Director/Board Member at Charlotte Juniors Volleyball (CJV) supporting in the role of parent/player relations. Despite all this Ray still finds time to work a full time job, spend time with wife and kids and train athletes of all disciplines teaching the connection between brain, body and behavior, Mindfulness (awareness of breath, body, feelings, emotions and/or stress; thought regulation)  and respecting those feelings as real while digging deep to find a solution or a way to overcome whatever the obstacles (Mental Toughness). As an Occupational Therapy grad and Qualified Mental Health Professional Ray is familiar with Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and the relationship between human movement and psychology from having worked in Rehab and now Mental Health. Though not a Sports Psychologist, Ray understands the psychological effects sports and exercise has on ones Mental Health.  Ray played several sports competitively (Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics to name a few), went to the Junior Olympics for Track and played on a USA Volleyball Charlotte   team. Ray has a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and an Associate in Allied Health. He taught Health and Adaptive/Physical Education 4 years in the Washington D.C. public and private schools, worked rehab at Greater Southeast Hospital in Washington, D.C., and has been in the Mental/Physical/Emotional/Behavioral Health field for the past 25 years. Ray has been married to his girlfriend for 18yrs. and has 2 amazingly beautiful athletic girls.


The Grayhound Group is composed by a staff of Therapists, Counselors, Mentors, Trainers, Coaches and trained Volunteers. All driven by to help our athletes grow as better athletes and the futures leaders of our communities.

Consultant/Motivational Speaker
CEO/Founder of Remnant FitnessStrength & Conditioning Coach

Raki McGregor is a pivotal piece to Ray Gray and The Grayhound Group success. Raki is the Vice President of Consumer Business Strategy Operations and Implementation at Novant Health. In this role, he serves as the Chief Operations Officer for Novant Health’s Consumer Strategy & Product (CS&P) Division and is responsible for ensuring the achievement of CS&P’s strategic imperatives. Additionally, he leads the strategy, operations and optimization teams for Community Engagement, Business Innovation, and Corporate Health. Passionate about driving growth in companies and communities, Raki has excelled at building outstanding customer experiences and developing cohesive, energized teams. As Ray’s mentor and The Grayhounds consultant, Raki has counseled, guided, prayed with and for The Grayhound Group encouraging them to move to the world stage/platform via Social Media and not just The Carolina’s!

Cedric A. Mitchell is a retired Police Detective from Washington DC who began his law enforcement career in 1988 and held a distinguished career for 30 years. In 2012, he retired from the department and joined the Office of the Inspector General with the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority as a senior investigator and served the agency for four years. In 2016 he launched CTC Solutions L.L.C. a proactive vehicle designed to present a distinctive way of training and education for the Law Enforcement community while forging a new paradigm for a broken system.Cedric is a proud father, daughter is an amazing D1 potential volleyball player and active recruit, grandfather, former AAU basketball coach/mentor with Promise Youth Development in Charlotte, NC, consultant to The Grayhound Group and good friend of Ray Gray. In addition to running his own business, Cedric serves as the Director of the Grayhounds Behavior Division, speaking to and implementing programs for Schools/Colleges, other Police/Law enforcement agencies, churches, major corporations and even individual homes.

Expert trainer Roy Henderson has over 15 years of experience in Strength & Conditioning. He has more than 17 years of experience in competitive sports which includes a full four-year scholarship to play basketball at the University of South Carolina @ Aiken. Following the completion of his bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education, Roy obtained a master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from Virginia State University. As a Performance Enhancement specialist with The National Association of Sports Medicine, he specializes in weight loss, integrated core training, mobility, flexibility training, and sports specific strength and conditioning training. Roy and Ray go way back and Roy is not only a good friend to Ray Gray and family but serves as his trainer as well. Roy serves as Director of the Body Division creating individual and group programs for all ones physical needs. Trained in multiple areas of health, Roy’s clients extend from children as young as 5 to Schools/Colleges, Churches, Businesses and all sports and teams (NFL, NBA…etc.). Roy comes highly recommended and is in HIGH demand. Grayhounds is lucky, rather blessed to partner with him!

Consultant/Mental Health Coach
Coach/Volleyball Director
Coach/Assistant Volleyball Director

Tynesia N. Watson, M.Ed., B.A., QP is a Program Supervisor for an agency with a focus on those with Individual Developmental Disabilities and is a Consultant and Mental Health Coach to The Grayhound Group. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Educational Management. Tynesia has an extensive background in Mental Health and dual diagnosis as this is where she met Ray as they were coworkers/partners on the same mental health team for 7 years. Tynesia has been in the mental health field for over 17 years with training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Crisis Interventions, Motivational Interviewing, Parenting, Trauma, Person Centered and System of Care trainings, among others. In addition to Mental Health and Intellectual Developmental Disability; Tynesia is also a certified behavior technician who has worked with children with diagnosis of Autism providing positive behavior interventions in which children can thrive while conducting ongoing assessments to maintain a record of progress and regression. Tynesia currently serves on several Committees within her sorority, is a mentor for a local organization, and serves as Team Mom for both of her son’s sports teams.

Kent is a seasoned Coach, has been with The Grayhounds Group for 7 years and is the Director of The Grayhounds Volleyball Division. Kent manages all the day to day business affairs in Ray’s absence and oversees and/or creates the plans for the beginner to intermediate athletes. Kent has also been with Carolina Juniors Volleyball (CJV) for 10 seasons, where almost immediately he and Ray became good friends. Kent is an amazingly patient trainer/Coach and runs his own Saturday Sand training program at Blythe Landing; by request only (704-421-4270). He coaches all levels but specializes in ages 8-15 and runs the middle school Gold/Silver and high school Gold/Silver Volleyball programs at CJV Northlake.

Amanda has been with The Grayhounds for 7 years and is the Assistant Director of The Grayhounds Volleyball Division. Amanda assists Kent in running the day to day affairs of volleyball in Ray’s absence. Amanda oversees and or creates the plans for the intermediate to advanced athletes. Amanda loves the game of volleyball! She is the former Director at Carolina Juniors Volleyball (CJV), has coached ages 8-18 for 10 years on all levels including recreational, intermediate, middle school & high school teams, national travel teams, as well as for private 1 on 1 lessons. Amanda has been playing for 17 years, including her college career at Queens University of Charlotte as their assist leading setter. Today, Amanda plays in Adult Co-ed leagues and tournaments around the region as a Libero or Setter, enjoying a flexible schedule as an Entrepreneur.

Lewis and Ray became friends from playing Volleyball against each other in Charlotte in 2007. Lewis has helped The Grayhounds a number of times throughout the years, finally partnering in 2020. Lewis also owns a Volleyball training Club, has coached volleyball for over 30 years and has trained athletes at every skill level from 5 years of age to adults. While serving our country, Lewis played volleyball for the United States Air Force. Traveling the world, Lewis led South Korea PACAF International team to 2 consecutive championships. coached UNC Charlotte men’s and women’s club, Hillsborough Community College, Florida Region Clubs, USA South U15-17 and was Director of coaching at Charlotte Powerhouse.