Ray gray


Owner / CEO of ‘The Grayhound Group’

My name is Ray Gray “Coach Ray” and I am passionate about sports, training, teaching, human behavior and the state of our youth, especially during these perilous times and I want to help!   I specialize in training The Brain, The Body and The Behavior (B3) and humbled to be used by many.  I am CEO/owner of The Grayhound Group LLC, with 700+ clients around the country offering coaching/teaching to kids, parents, Coaches, schools/colleges, churches, companies, NFL, NBA, W-NBA and Pro players of all sports and disciplines.  I am a former USA-V Player and Health/P.E. teacher, current Life Skills Coach, Teen Drug & Substance Abuse Instructor (Piedmont Mediation/Clean Teens), Motivational Speaker, Qualified Mental Health Professional (trained in: Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Trauma, Positive Parenting, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy… to name a few), Mental Health Coach, Mental Health First Aide Certified and a Volleyball Coach at Carolina Juniors Volleyball (CJV).  Some of my clients include: LNC, Bradford Prep, North Meck, Queens Grant, J.M. Robinson, Mt. Island Charter, Myers Park, Kings Mountain MS & HS, Concord Lake S.T.E.A.M. Academy, Queen City Starlings Club, Carolina Juniors Club, Shockers Club, South Carolina State University, Winston Salem State University, West Virginia State University, University of Pikeville, Honolulu Hawaii, various churches and organizations like Promise Youth Development (P.Y.D.)…to name a few!

Bio Born in Hempstead, Long Island New York to Gilford and Terelyn Gray, from the beautiful Jamaica, West Indies, Ray has always been an ambitious “go getter”, definitely not new to “The Struggle” being the 3rd youngest of 10. Fascinated with how people think and why children specifically behave the way they do, Ray studied Liberal Arts with a Child Psychology emphasis at THE great Oakwood University, continued his Psychology studies at Florida A & M University and finally graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy from the prestigious Howard University. For over 27 years, Ray has been in the Behavior/Mental Health field working Rehab as an Occupational Therapist, teaching P.E. and Social Skills in Public and Private Schools, currently a Life Coach and Substance Abuse Instructor for Piedmont Mediation and Mental Health Professional at Monarch for 16 years. Ray is Certified and/or Trained in: Trauma, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Crisis Prevention, Restorative Justice, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution and Positive Parenting… to name a few! With extensive experience in Sports, Education, Mental Health and Human Behavior, Ray works tirelessly providing therapeutic interventions to rehabilitate children, promote reunification of families, provide interventions to both child and parent and bring insight to the connection between Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors. Ray is the proud owner/CEO of The Grayhound Group, where the emphasis is Mental Health through Sports (and Exercise) using a wholistic approach to training The Brain, The Body as well as The Behavior (a concept Coach Ray invited called B3). Ray has been with his girlfriend Tannia for 29 years (21 of which have been married) has 2 amazing beautiful Model, athletic girls Raven 20, Jordyn 16 and lives in Charlotte, NC.